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About Elegant Escape Picnics

Welcome to Elegant Escape Picnics, where luxury meets leisure in the heart of Pinellas County, FL.


As a seasoned team with a shared background in hospitality and a passion for artistic expression, Lisa and Cameron envisioned an extraordinary escape for individuals and families alike. The result? Elegant Escape Picnics – a blend of luxury, creativity, and curated moments.

Lisa Smith

With a wealth of experience in the hospitality industry, Lisa brings a seasoned touch to Elegant Escape. Her keen eye for detail and commitment to excellence ensures that every picnic experience is nothing short of exceptional.

Cameron Smith

Cameron, a vibrant artist with a flair for creating memorable atmospheres, adds a touch of creativity to every Elegant Escape. Her artistic sensibilities shine through in carefully curated themes and designs, transforming ordinary spaces into extraordinary escapes.

How We Came to Be

Our Vision

Elegant Escape Picnics is more than a business; it’s a shared adventure for Lisa and Cameron. They are thrilled to bring their vision to life, creating a haven where elegance, relaxation, and cherished moments come together.
Picnics Made for you

Your Special Day, Our Commitment

Whether it's a romantic date, a family celebration, or a special event, Lisa and Cameron are dedicated to making your day extraordinary. Every Elegant Escape Picnic is crafted with care, ensuring a luxurious and stress-free experience.

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